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Big Cities in Europe – a travel agency in our classroom

Year 7 is a group of 38 pupils aged 10-11 years. Our last geography theme was named ‘Big cities in Europe’. Instead of working in our workbooks we decided to start a travel agency named: Bear Travel.

In this travel agency we had the following tasks:

Make a flyer in Word or Publisher with tourist information about a big city in Europe.

Make travel advices for people who want to go on a city trip to a big European city. We had to make calculations in Excel what the trip would cost. How much does the transportation cost, how much for the hotel etc. We also had to give the people advice about attractions they really should see in the city this city.

We had to arrange free rides for two teddybears to big cities as Madrid, London and Paris. The bears let people take pictures of them in front of tourist attractions.

We made videos in front of the interactive whiteboard while we were walking through the city in Bing maps streetside. One of the group was presenting, one, was navigating through the streets with the computermouse and one of the group was shooting the video with our Flip videocamera. Unfortunately we could not make use of Bing Streetside in every European city.

And we had to communicate with our ‘customers’ by Livemail, our WordPress blog and Twitter.




We are shooting a video about London.




2 Reacties op “In English

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  2. Mick Landegge

    Pretty good,
    but can you tell something about New Zealand?
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Mick Landegge

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